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                                                         “Developing Happy Community through Arts “

Art & Heart

With over 20 years of experience in mentoring, performing and researching in ‘Arts', Lavanyaa Surendar started ‘AUM LLC’ to spread the knowledge of relationship between community & Arts. Lavanyaa started learning BharathNatyam, at the age of 3 from her grandmother Smt. Renganayaki and has performed in over 150 stages. At the age of 15 she joined (her mother) Dr.Akila Sathyanarayanan's institute "Natya Vidhyalaya" as an art director , where she has developed budding artists . While her specialization is in Bharathanatyam (Tanjavur style), Lavanyaa has also trained herself in other art forms such as Kuchupudi, Yoga and an Indian string instrument, Saraswathi Veena under Sri Vennai Srinivasan. She holds her Masters in Molecular biology from Illinois Institute of Technology. Having seen arts both in artistic and scientific front, she is exploring the relationship between ‘Art and Heart’: A study to understand how arts influences human wellbeing. Having a certification in Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University, Lavanyaa specializes in ‘Neuroaesthetics’. She has written several articles among which," while-we-experience-art-sports-do-we-feel-connected-to-something-large-why?" has been featured in Neo narthaki. http://neonarthaki.com/while-we-experience-art-sports-do-we-feel-connected-to-something-large-why/ She also developed a dance based workout ‘Art & Anatomy’, that premiered in Lawrence University, Appleton. She was also an active member of ‘The Newyork Dance Talks’ and has presented ‘Abigyan Shakuntalum’ at the conference. She works closely with American Mental Health Organization to use Arts as interventional treatment. Lavanyaa is the founding President of Ziksa-An Art Forum, which connects artists through professional channels and helps art thrive. She was an Educational Co-chair for the Sheboygan Theatre company wherein she proposed educational opportunities and career building focus for students of STC. She is also a Director on the board of Art Garage in Green Bay. She has also worked with Maker Faire to use arts as a community engagement tool. She holds a second Masters in Arts & Cultural Management from Colorado State University and is trained in South Indian Carnatic Music under her mother in law Guru. Smt. Revathi Narasimhan (Founder of Chari Cultural Center). Under the guidance of Dr. Sujatha Mohan she is also working on Sanskrit treatise on the performing arts Natya Shastra. https://aumperformingarts.com https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/neuroscience-meets-theatre-east-vs-west-lavanyaa-surendar/ https://www.ziksa.net

What Our Students Have to Say

I have been taking dance lessons from Mrs. Lavanyaa Surendar for three years now. She makes all the lessons very straightforward and easy to learn. I like how there is an audio recording so that we can practice at home. She is very kind, but strict at the same time. I always look forward to going to class and learning something new every week. Out of all the dance schools I have been to, Mrs. Lawnya’s Bharatnatym Aum House of Arts is the best dance school. I would unquestionably recommend it to other people. - Riya Butala, 8th grade, Appleton WI
Meghan Butala
From WI, USA
Aum arts is a wonderful platform to learn Bharatanatyam . Lavanya teacher is a highly talented and very passionate about Bharatanatyam dance.Tanvi have been learning the art of Bharatanatyam dance under the guidance for Lavanya teacher since 2017 .Not only did Tanvi learn the technical aspect of the beautiful dance form but also learned the spiritual aspect. Tanvi learned grace, emotion , strength,discipline,faith and confidence. Thanks , Hari Vunnam
Hari Vunnam
From WI
My kids Aanya and Kaashvi started their Bharatnatyam journey with Lavanya in 2016. It was one of the best decision I took for them. She introduced them to a beautiful world of dance. She gave them experiences that will last a lifetime and lessons that will last for many more. Most importantly, Lavanyaa hasimparted in my children a genuine love, pride and respect for this dance form. Thank you so much Lavanya for your dedication and commitment. Gunjan Kasera
Gunjan Kasera
From WI
You have been a great teacher for me over the last few years. Initially I had a lot of fears about making mistakes and not being able to understand few of the moves. You had been very patient and kind in explaining things in a detailed yet simple way. You have also taught me discipline and good manners. I have learnt about slokas, songs which also talk about our religion and spirituality. You have also helped fine tune my voice for singing and have made me feel confident to sing out loud and clear. Thank you for inspiring me and several other students like me. I really feel lucky and blessed to have been a student of yours. Hoping to scale higher heights and achieve greater things in dance and music under your guidance and by God's grace in the future.
Srinidhi Srikkanth
From WI, USA